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  • customize landing pages after newsletter subscription, artwork inquiry, contact me/work with me
  • search engine registration
  • how to make Nav bar text a link (Gallery --> Gallery All Categories; Shop --> Shop All Categories)
  • finalize all new pages so that new footer can go live


  • upload Babies and make category page
  • get proper photo of Rony's CD interior with image spilling across CD+tray
  • prices on gallery page products or no?
  • upload hand drawings for arms/hands category
  • add mouth/eye related products to face/mouth/eye category
  • upload more small works to include on Caitlyn page
  • replace short titles with inventory # (check tags, inquiry string, category pages)
  • add Silkscreen/Printmaking category page; integrate hand-pulled prints into All Artworks gallery with proper tags, year tags, descriptors, thematic tags
  • add Artist Book category page

In the image settings, Category is the year that gets displayed automatically with the title, nothing else should be in this field; Tags include all other methods of sorting, both searchable descriptors and groupings by body of work.


  • Go through  old blog posts and define excerpt; verify thumbnail works/shows or not as desired
  • Cull old blog posts

  • Figure out how to fix logo/nav to have them inline and centered ([LOGO} Home Gallery Shop About) or (Home Gallery [LOGO] Shop About) or similar, not above/below and not spread to each corner



  • figure out how to replace "<-- Back to All Products" with different navigation -- ideally, "Back to All Categories" and/or "Back to [Parent Category]"

Featured products need to be placed by hand, designating product as "featured" will not achieve this (upload featured product image  to this specific slideshow, copy title description and pricing from actual product listing, image link redirected to actual product listing)


  • remove contact info from web version of CV
  • populate press/library (make scans of all print materials I have???)
  • create press packet