Monthly Goals: December

Made it through November -- though I certainly had some days that were incredibly trying on a personal level -- but I made it through. (If you're wondering what this is all about, it's called the Monthly Goal Meetup. It is spearheaded by the Modish Biz Tips blog as a way for small creative business owners to stay focused and offer each other moral support and encouragement.)

Here's how I did:
  • Print winter holiday cards. Photograph them. Get them listed on Etsy. Send out email announcing their existence (by November 10th!). Done. I had to reprint one of my designs due to a design brainfart on my part, but I did get them done and announced/listed on the 12th.

  • Finish up shipments to Bluebottle, Wholly Craft, etc. and get them out the door by the 15th. Also done. Out the door on the 18th, and one order already generated a re-order. Yay!

  • Finish printing 2010 Valentines cards and photograph them. If they don't make it into my shipments, that's okay, although it would be awesome if they did. Still have to photograph them, but they did make it into my shipments, so that makes up for it.

  • Blog at least once a week (not counting monthly goals post). Nope. Posted twice. Thought about posting a lot, but didn't. Story of my life.

  • Spend more quality time, less time total, on the computer/internet. Somewhat successful. Focused on not ending up in front of the computer in the evenings unless I had a specific task, and that worked. Spent a little more quality time with A and the animals.

  • Figure out what I'm doing with painting versus paper goods. Launching a separate wedding invitation shop/webpage/company? Integrating it more into my overall studio umbrella and focusing more on painting as my 'main' thing? Paper goods will be splitting off from Carly Bodnar Studio to become Phaedra Paperie. The webpage is partially built, and I've set up an Etsy and a Gmail account... but how serious I get about it is currently in limbo pending changes at my day job. Ah, the artist and the day job. The eternal struggle.

  • Finish HSC commissioned painting. Eh... definitely did some work on it. But it's definitely not done. Damnit.

  • List recent drawings and works on paper on Etsy. I still have more I could list, but I got all of the ones I've posted on Gloriously Awash in Sin listed on Etsy. That was the essence of that goal, so I'm calling it a win.

Now on to December's goals:
  • Finish HSC painting!

  • Continue not wasting my life away in front of the computer.

  • There are a couple of local galleries whose submission period is during January, so I need to get my packet ready to go. I always 'mean' to submit, but let my procrastination/fear/anxiety get the best of me. Not this year. (Oh please, oh please.)

  • I have a stack of artist registry forms. Once I've got packets together for galleries, it's not much more work to submit to some artist registries. My official goal will be getting 6 of the 8 I've printed out actually sent.

  • I promised some people prints of my work forever ago and never followed through. Get those ordered/sent so they'll get them in time for Christmas.

  • I'm going to be teaching a class (through Paper Zone) on screenprinting wedding invitations in January after the Portland Bridal Show, so I need to fully outline the class syllabus and handouts. I can finish them in early January, but the hard work will need to be done before the last minute.

  • Photograph Valentine cards. Prepare publicity email(s).

  • Create mural proposal or OSU Engineering department. (Not sure this is going to happen; it will definitely have to take a backseat to the HSC painting.)

Je Suis Arrivé

My new site is up. Finally. Yay! Only about a month later than I had promised people. Tomorrow is the second Craft in the Village -- at last month's, I was telling people that the new site would be up in only a few days. This time I would like to be able to tell people that it IS up.

I only have one good excuse, and that is that it's incredibly difficult to do php coding when your only tool is trial-and-error and access to google. In that vein, slowly I will add a couple more contact and inquiry forms, but for now you'll have to be satisfied with my e-mail list subscription form.

Anyway, go browse around! You'll see I have a fine art section and a design section, so paintings, prints, cards, wedding invitations, and so forth are all available in the same place now. Plus, there's an event calendar, which is pretty full these days. Come out and say hey!

Cold and flu season, right on time.

There are so many wonderful-to-ogle things in the blogosphere... I'm getting sucked in, I feel it. It's like when I used to LiveJournal, and got sucked into the goings-on of my friends' lives, except that this feels so much more legitimate. Pretty things are legitimate!

Anywho, I had a really great printing day last week, following a really great paper-shopping day, the result of which was a bunch of great Valentine's day cards. But then I got sick. So I'm just getting around to posting pics and links and such now, many days later.

The first thing I must share is my drying rack -- not for its fabulousness (yarn, clothes pins, and scrap lumber, oh my!) but simply because I've been whining about not having one and now I do. Sort of. So here, bask in its glory:

Not worth picturing but which makes me giddy with pride is my new, genius registration system that makes everything line up wonderfully and resulted in absolutely no registration errors during my batch of card making. The only errors were due to bad ink passes (totally my fault) and that brings my success rate to something like 98%, up from around 64% not too long ago.

Back to the cards, though, because that's what you should be ogling. Most of the batch was gold on burgundy, which looks really great. But I also tried to find a color that worked well on the red paper I picked up. Less success there -- tried a salmon-y color and straight white, neither of which had the same pop that the gold/burgundy combo did -- but they're available too, if you like them. The shop page on is working now, so you can get them there. So go get some!

My circadian clock is broken.

I took a nap this evening, and now I'm up all night. I woke up from my nap at 11pm, and have to be back at work at 8am, so really, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a little redesign of my site. My fingers are very cold now, but I got done what I wanted to. At least the first bit of it. I'm just hoping the delirium helps me out mood-wise for work.

Work was going to be pretty rough anyway -- we sold out of all our sale stuff in the first hour of business yesterday (not kidding) and despite what I told pissed off customers yesterday, we're not actually getting more of anything on the trucks overnight, so people are going to be even more pissed tomorrow. Yay. If you need me I'll be hiding in the admin office.

Oh, and speaking of work and my inability to sleep: Shift Work Sleep Disorder. I knew it.

Now I suppose I'll do some bookkeeping I've been putting off in my more conscious states. What's more fun than that at 5am, eh?