Size does matter.

Sometimes I get annoyed at things labeled 'handmade' that really aren't. Computer printed cards and "limited edition prints" are my personal pet peaves. But it seems that for many mediums, there's simply a lack of understanding. How can you really grasp difference between a screenprinted card, a letterpressed card, and a digitally printed card, or a handbound book versus a commercially bound one, if you don't even have a vague understanding of the mechanical processes involved?

So it was really refreshing to see some shots from the Ink & Spindle studio showing their printing process. (Their site has a few images; their flickr has many more)
Fantastic work, a studio to die for, and ethical working methods. I think I'm in love.

Summer colors just in time for winter.

I've fallen into the trap this evening of ogling fabric online. Links to links to links have resulted in a million tabs open on my browser, each a gateway to fabric wonderfulness.

I want to stencil our bedroom wall -- originally I was looking at doing it with fabric, but fabric that I like tends to be expensive ($15 per yard, times 8 feet high, times... oh dear) and wallpaper paste is a pain. We just got done undoing the horrible wallpaper border in our tiny bathroom, and that was enough to convince us that wallpaper just isn't an option. So now I'm just ogling fabric in order to steal inspiration. Today it seems I'm having an orange day:

I am, however, seriously considering purchasing one of the following (leaning toward the woodgrain) to re-cover my computer/office chair and maybe make a matching tack/magnet board. My 'theme' color for the office/non-painting areas of the studio is yellow, but paint only goes so far. The office needs some lovin'.. Plus, the fabric is on blow-out and super affordable ($4 a yard!) . How can I not get some.

Mmm. Fabric.