Return of the Skeleton Shirts

It's that time of year again.  The leaves are changing colors, you're pulling the winter jackets out of storage, and people are expecting you to dress up for Halloween even though you're a full-grown adult.

Don't worry, I've got you covered.  (Eh, at least the ladies in the room.  Guys, there are still a few T-shirts from last year's batch if you're feeling left out.)

Last year I experimented with putting my skeleton design on racerback tank tops -- I liked the idea of the spine running up the back strap, but the printing just wasn't working out.  This year I got it figured out.

This year's shirts are discharge printed on a 60/40 cotton-poly blend.  So grab one now to cover your Halloween-inspired wardrobe needs, and then wear it to the gym all winter.  The print is actually embedded in the fibers of the fabric instead of sitting on top like paint, so it'll take a beating in the wash along with your other gym shirts.  (Just no bleach!!)

For fit, I've found the size chart to be accurate with my own body measurements.  The difference between sizes is small, but the fabric has a fair bit of stretch, so the fit is pretty forgiving.  For example, I found the medium most comfortable, but I can get the extra-small on without a problem.  So if you like a snugger or looser fit, go ahead and order up a size up or down.

Whether you're getting your spook on or just haunting the gym, submit your order by this Thursday to ensure delivery before Halloween weekend.