February Goals

Ok, so December wasn't a great month for getting things done, and January struggled a bit, too. But I pulled through at the end. (I'm including the first couple days of February as part of January, because it makes this list look a lot better.)

  • Submit to galleries that have January submission dates. Done. Well, to one. The most important one. (There were two with January dates, and the other I'm not as into, so it's cool.)

  • Send image of HSC painting to client. Discuss money, shipping, timelines, etc. Sent image and discussed money. Had previously talked about shipping, and touched on it again. Did not discuss timelines, because they're my nemesis.

  • Photograph valentines and get them out into the digital world. Mostly done. Sunlight has been scarce, but I did get a good photo day right at the end of January. I sent out an email or two about them, and put them on my Etsy, but never did a big email, and still haven't blogged about them.

  • Make confirmations for Bridal Screenprinting class and finish syllabus/materials list. Made confirmations -- the 27th of February at noon -- but still need to finish the actual work part.

  • Get laptop repaired. Got a new laptop for what it would have cost to fix the old one! Yay!

  • Give my truck some love. An oil change, maybe a new turn signal light. I filled the air in the tires (much needed) but still need an oil change and a turn signal.

  • Finish sewing projects for other people that I've had sitting around for way longer than is reasonable. Apologize for keeping them so long. Not done. I'm a jerk.

Ok, enough with the half-hearted accomplishments. On to February's goals:

  • This month is going to be mostly about finishing things I've started. A bulleted list, in no particular order, will suffice:

    • HSC Painting: gotta get it out of my studio

    • Sewing: shirts

    • Sewing: cushions

    • Class planning: materials list, order materials, syllabus, assemble necessary bits

    • Cards: blog about them, damnit... maybe do the card section of the website, too

    • Knotical Invitation Suite: print it, photograph it, post it

    • Gloriously Awash In Sin blog: post something, for crissakes

    • Taxes: this requires me to make sure I've caught up on all my bookkeeping...

    • I feel like I'm missing something... I'll add it when it hits me

  • A separate goal, but one that I hope will help the above, is to wear shoes when I'm working at home (as opposed to just being at home... ah, the challenge of trying to work and not-work in the same space). I've noticed that wearing shoes makes me more productive, perhaps solely for the fact that it keeps me from getting too comfy and curling up to nap on the couch. I wonder if that's just totally weird, or if other work-at-home-ers have found this out, too.