January Goals

December wasn't such a great month for getting things done...

  • Finish HSC painting! Still not quite done. But close.

  • Continue not wasting my life away in front of the computer. Good so far.

  • There are a couple of local galleries whose submission period is during January, so I need to get my packet ready to go. I always 'mean' to submit, but let my procrastination/fear/anxiety get the best of me. Not this year. (Oh please, oh please.) Didn't do it, but I'm going to, I promise.

  • I have a stack of artist registry forms. Once I've got packets together for galleries, it's not much more work to submit to some artist registries. My official goal will be getting 6 of the 8 I've printed out actually sent. Didn't do that either. May or may not do it.

  • I promised some people prints of my work forever ago and never followed through. Get those ordered/sent so they'll get them in time for Christmas. Did it. So at least I feel like less of a jerk.

  • I'm going to be teaching a class (through Paper Zone) on screenprinting wedding invitations in January after the Portland Bridal Show, so I need to fully outline the class syllabus and handouts. I can finish them in early January, but the hard work will need to be done before the last minute. Did it somewhat. Still needs finishing, but very do-able.

  • Photograph Valentine cards. Prepare publicity email(s). Nope. Gets moved to January.

  • Create mural proposal or OSU Engineering department. (Not sure this is going to happen; it will definitely have to take a backseat to the HSC painting.) Didn't happen. I'm ok with that.

Most of this month's goals are unfinished things from last month.
  • Submit to galleries that have January submission dates.

  • Send image of HSC painting to client. Discuss money, shipping, timelines, etc.

  • Photograph valentines and get them out into the digital world.

  • Make confirmations for Bridal Screenprinting class and finish syllabus/materials list.

  • Get laptop repaired.

  • Give my truck some love. An oil change, maybe a new turn signal light.

  • Finish sewing projects for other people that I've had sitting around for way longer than is reasonable. Apologize for keeping them so long.