PDX Must See: Thomas Wood etchings

If you're in the Portland area, and have any appreciation or knowledge of etching, you must go see Thomas Wood's prints at the Augen Gallery's NW Davis location. Images online absolutely do not do them justice. I'm not the type of person that buys art, because usually I'm just too critical of it. Plus, I'm not the type that can go look at the same piece over and over, like you go back and re-read books. But these prints I could sit in front of for hours, I think. I almost bought one of his prints last night. I really don't have the money, but so beautiful... and the more I screenprint the more I can really appreciate well-registered prints, and he's got multiple plates on many of his prints. Super rich colors, textures... very realistic but surrealistic... very satisfying.

Ok, I'm done. Back to my painting. I got the painting wall in my studio clear enough that I can actually do some work. (Yay!) The rest of the office/studio is slowly, ever so slowly, getting cleaner as well.