Just needed to share.

I found this image a few days ago. I don't remember what I was googling. But I feel the need to share it because I'm kind of in love with it. If you don't know me, or aren't familiar with my work and obsessions, you'll probably be weirded out. But then, if you don't know me/my work, I have no idea how you've happened upon my blog.

So here it is: (from here)

I can’t help the way I feel (2003)
John Isaacs
“In this work lies an interest in a possibility of the emotional landscape of the body becoming manifest in its surface. Visually, the way in which the flesh grows, erupts, and engulfs the body can be seen as a metaphor of the way in which we become incapacitated by the emotional landscape in which we live and over which we have little control. The body also appears to be suffering from some kind of malignancy, as in cancer, but for me, the image of the figure, coupled with the title, leads one into an open contemplation of the plight of the individual.” - John Isaacs