My circadian clock is broken.

I took a nap this evening, and now I'm up all night. I woke up from my nap at 11pm, and have to be back at work at 8am, so really, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a little redesign of my site. My fingers are very cold now, but I got done what I wanted to. At least the first bit of it. I'm just hoping the delirium helps me out mood-wise for work.

Work was going to be pretty rough anyway -- we sold out of all our sale stuff in the first hour of business yesterday (not kidding) and despite what I told pissed off customers yesterday, we're not actually getting more of anything on the trucks overnight, so people are going to be even more pissed tomorrow. Yay. If you need me I'll be hiding in the admin office.

Oh, and speaking of work and my inability to sleep: Shift Work Sleep Disorder. I knew it.

Now I suppose I'll do some bookkeeping I've been putting off in my more conscious states. What's more fun than that at 5am, eh?