Hello, world.

Okay, so I'm blogging. For "all the wrong reasons," like increased google-ability. And because I'm sitting with a beer and waiting for a screen to dry, and... everybody else is doing it.

Also, it's potentially a really great way/place to collect and share all of the lovely things out in the world (and by world I mean internet, of course). Like GingerAndGold does. And like Design*Sponge. I've recently gotten into reading design-y blogs and can finally see the value in them. So I guess I'm a convert.

Plus, I have to have somewhere to direct my self-satisfaction over the small improvements I occasionally make to my studio. Adrian is sick of hearing about how much I love my new wash-out booth (see photo).

It's the shower curtain from our old apartment (the house has sliding glass shower doors... which we broke... beside the point) hung from screw-in eyes from the beams and then packing-taped to the laundry sink on the outside. It's pretty ghetto -- my whole studio is -- but necessity is the mother of invention and it works like a dream. I also put a pressure nozzle on the end of the sink hose, which is fantastic.

P.S. This is genius: I may have to work my employee discount and get me some. Like I need more places to stash crap.