Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Orders, Billing & Shipping

  • What size shirt should I order?
    • Each shirt listing will include a size chart for that particular design and cut.  Since I'm not selling clothing on a large scale, each time I want to make a new shirt I go looking for what kind of garment I want to use.  The factors I take into account include: price point, supplier, manufacturing ethics, the way my image fits on a particular cut of garment, and the appropriateness of the fabric content for the type of printing technology I need to use.  Therefore, though the letter sizes of my shirts might be inconsistent from one design to the next, if you have your body measurements I will always give you the information you need to choose the right size.  And as always, if you have any questions, you can always contact me.
  • I want to order something, but my mailbox is not secure.  What if it gets stolen?
  • I ordered something from your shop!  How long til I get it?
  • My order hasn't arrived; now what?

The Art World

(aka How To Buy Art / Becoming a Collector aka The Art World As I Understand It)

  • Why is art so expensive??
  • How do I buy something I see in your gallery; you don't have any prices!
    • While I have some smaller pieces that are easy to ship anywhere listed in my Shop under Small Originals, larger pieces can present some obstacles and I prefer to have a conversation/connection to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  In the galleries, there will be an indication as to the disposition of each piece.  Pieces that are physically in my studio will have  an "Available" link which will allow you to inquire about pricing.  A handful of works are also listed for purchase on my Saatchi Art profile (though I recommend buying directly from the artist whenever possible).
  • What if I like something that's not finished yet?
    • If you saw something you like online, in a Newsletter, or at a studio visit, just get in touch with me and describe what you remember.  I usually have a few different pieces going at once, and it's always encouraging to hear that someone digs the piece I'm currently at work on!  I'm happy to send you an updates of its progress (beyond what I post online) and I do allow collectors to call dibs on some unfinished pieces.
  • What if I want you to make me something special?
    • I'm open to all sorts of collaborations, commissions, and special projects that fall within my skill-set and areas of interest.  Whether you have a very specific vision or just a vague idea, I would be very excited to hear from you and get a conversation going.  Please reach out to me via or my contact form and I'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Studio Practice

  • Why don't you paint men anymore? Why don't you paint women of color?
    • It's not that I categorically don't paint men anymore, it's just that I haven't been interested in painting them lately.  Most of my imagery and ideas come from my own lived experience, which is that of a straight white woman moving daily through a relatively progressive urban society.  This experience is further contextualized within a deeply divided and diverse nation and a complex physical and digital global landscape.

      I am very open to women, queer, and non-binary self-identified folks of all ethnic backgrounds who are interested in modeling or otherwise collaborating on creative projects.  If this is how you identify and you connect strongly with my work, I encourage you to reach out.  I would love to chat.
  • How do I see what you're working on right now?
    • The best places to get a sneak peek into my studio are Instagram and my Newsletter.  I also love a good studio visit, so if you're local to NYC or planning on being in the area, I'd love for you to come by!  Shoot me a message at or use my contact form and we'll set something up.