Collector Resources

This page will be the location that collects various collector resources, including how-tos (how to frame a print, art-handling 101) as well as links to my contact forms, FAQs (maybe this is actually the FAQ page, but the FAQ link in the footer goes right to an anchor a little farther down?)



All the questions you never thought to ask


Art-Handling 101

So you just got your first piece of "real" art!  Congrats.  Now what?

How to Frame a Print (or other medium-to-small works on paper)

Prints and other works on paper are the most affordable place to start collecting art.  But framing can be an unexpected expense and hassle.

Other helpful blog posts from around the interwebs about collecting, finding emerging artists, hanging art, whatever


Work With Me

Love what I do, but not sure how to incorporate it into your space?  Let's talk.

Clarify existing pieces (Inquiry) versus Commissions and other Collaborations (art-framing and -hanging consultation; guest appearances/blog posts; art rentals; licensing)