I paint images of the body; my current work explores the intersection of women’s bodies in particular with the conflicting demands of society. I am interested in depicting the body representationally to access its utility as a vessel, shorthand, or instigator for emotional and cultural baggage. In depicting the female form, I work within a tradition that has historically centered male gaze and desire. However, I do not seek to create docile, sanitized and sexualized images that exist to satisfy those ends. Rather, I question the standards set forth by this tradition and its legacy in media representations of women.

My work draws heavily on my own experience in and relationship with my body.  Though my experience is personal, unique, and gendered, I believe the experience of navigating one's own relationship with their physical form is universal and increasingly important in this digital age.  Many of my collectors respond strongly to the classical strength and monumentality in my poses -- viewers mention Michaelangelo and Rodin -- while the color palette and contemporary approach bring them into the present.  When my painting hangs in a collector's home or office, it becomes a center of conversation.  [testimonial from Sarah Guthu or Eric Faulk?]

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Carly Bodnar is an artist working primarily in oil on canvas. Originally from Eugene and Portland, Oregon, she now paints in Brooklyn, New York. 

Bodnar received her BA in 2008 from Portland State University in Oregon and continues to maintain art connections on both the East and West coast.  She has shown work in Portland, Los Angeles, and New York City, and been juried into shows by pop-surrealist icon Ron English and the Seattle Art Museum’s Barbara Shaiman. She was awarded an Artist Grant from the Vermont Studio Center in 2017 and named one of Brooklyn Art Council’s Featured Artists in 2013. Her work has been published in a Average Art Magazine and Period. Sex. 

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My work can be found in person, in print, and online in a variety of places.  [link to News? proper copy...] News = feed of blog posts tagged "news"?

Photographer: Howard Romero

Photographer: Howard Romero

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